During a SMILE DESIGN CONSULT appointment, strategic photos and videos of an individual are taken and detailed analysis recorded that help in
- evaluating their face, smile and intra oral & functional condition
- observing and making note of lip position & teeth display while talking or smiling, existing dental concerns & their consequences
- determine possible treatment options.
Impressions or molds of teeth are taken and the jaw joint relation accurately measured and transferred to the computer. The smile is then painstakingly and carefully designed digitally by Dr. Shaikh and previewed to the patient. This is very exciting for them to already view the beautiful transformation of their smile in their photos.
At MOCK UP OR TRIAL SMILE DESIGN Appointment, the new smile design is repeoduced in patient's mouth. This mock-up of the GDSD allows them to clearly see and well understand the detailed veneer treatment and its final result BEFORE the treatment begins. This is a very thrilling experience for the patients and they are already smiling and showing off their beautiful smile.